About gelria gaskets

Gelria Gaskets Ltd (Gelria Pakking BV) is a well-known expert in gaskets.

A gasket does not cost much, except when it does not do as promised. It is therefore important that you choose a gasket supplier with the required knowledge and experience to provide you with the right gasket for your application.

Gelria Gaskets Ltd is a third-generation family business that considers competitive pricing, prompt delivery and good quality to be of paramount importance.

We go so far that we will always try to deliver at least a partial delivery within one working day.
This is partly made possible by our extensive stock and expertise mentioned earlier.

Based at our location in Enschede, we provide a service to various industries in the Netherlands and abroad.

Gelria Gaskets Ltd has been serving customers for no less than 75 years. Over the years we have solidified our reputation as a gasket specialist offering high quality products and an outstanding customer service.

People behind the scenes

Peter-Sadelaar                    Erwin-Hobbelink                                                      

Peter Sadelaar                   Erwin Hobbelink                   

Director & Owner                  Field employee

Karin-Kuiper                      Jolanda-Cruiming

Karin van Stijn-Kuiper        Jolanda Cruiming-Haak

Financial administration        Order administration & logistics