History of gelria

history  In 1934, Mr Hammink Sr. started producing and commercialising various rubber products from a small workshop in Arnhem. As a result of increasing demand for good quality cutting and punching products, this workshop became too small and the company moved to Enschede. Since 2003, this company has been run by Peter Sadelaar, the third generation of the family. In 2009 we celebrated the company’s 75th anniversary and our aim is to provide our customers with another 75 years’ service from our new location at Lonnekerbrugstraat 81 in Enschede. Gelria Pakking BV is a leading manufacturer of high quality gaskets for industrial, electronic and medical use with customers all over the world. We manufacture customer-specific gaskets and gas seals. Based on our expertise, we know just how crucial the right gasket can be. We stock a wide range of materials for a variety of applications. As a specialist company, we endeavour to provide the best price/quality ratio at all times. As a result, we can guarantee high quality products, delivery reliability and an outstanding service.                                        historie-gelria          waterflower_gelria1