Producer of gaskets and seals

Gaskets and sealsGelria Pakking BV has several decades of experience manufacturing gaskets of all types and sizes and from all sorts of cuttable materials. This experience helps us anticipate our customers’ needs.

Own tool manufacturing workshop

Gelria has its own extensive tool manufacturing workshop. Here we can make most customer-specific tools ourselves. This has the advantage of fewer errors in communication and faster production. Check also this page about rubber gaskets. and read in details about the [process of producing rubber gaskets here:

Extensive stock of materials

We always have the most commonly-used materials in stock. You can read more about this at: gaskets and seal materials.


Gelria has an extensive range of machinery. Our hydraulic presses vary from 15 to 150 tonnes and can accommodate materials with widths of up to 2500 mm. We also have several excenter presses in various tonnages. For larger quantities, we have a high-speed punching machine that can be fitted with multiple moulds. We also have flash cutters that enable production using digital, auto-cad drawings. We can either provide digital drawings for you or you can supply them yourself.pakkingen-gelria


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