rubberSBR/NR: Styrene butadiene rubber and natural rubber.

These are the most commonly-used materials for rubber sheets and rolls. Their most distinctive characteristics are a high level of resistance to wear, a high level of elasticity and good resistance to low temperatures.

CR: Chloroprene rubber, also known as neoprene.

This is a synthetic rubber that offers good resistance to changeable weather conditions and reasonable resistance to oil and fire. Neoprene is generally used for seals and gaskets requiring a high level of resistance to ozone and oil.


Nitrile rubber is a rubber that offers a high degree of resistance to the most common types of oil and petrol. This quality has good all-round mechanical properties. However, it offers less resistance to the effects of ozone and weather conditions.

Silicone rubber and silicone foam: This quality is extremely elastic but does not offer much resistance to wear and tear. Its temperature range of -70°C to +240°C offers other specific possibilities such as applications in the food industry (FDA). It is available in the following colours: transparent, red, black and blue.

We also have numerous other materials in stock, such as:

EPDM, FPM, canvas, cell rubber in various qualities, foam rubbers and polyurethane sheets

Some of these materials can also be supplied as self—adhesive variants if required.

If you would like to know more about specific properties, please call us for a materials data sheet.

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