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Spiral-wound gasket, Spiral wounds

Spiral-wound gaskets are rings consisting of a spiral-wound chevron made of strip steel, usually stainless steel. Graphite, PTFE or Mica can be used as a sealant between the spiral windings. The windings are welded together at both ends to form one complete ring, after which they can also be fitted with an inner or outer ring. Apart from their high temperature range (550°C for graphite) and pressure range (320 bar), spiral-wound gaskets have another special property: they rebound completely after they are put under a surface load. Fully enclosed spiral-wound gaskets can withstand very high surface pressures. Thanks to their constructive structure, spiral-wound gaskets can compensate entirely for expansion coefficients brought about in a component due to pressure and temperature fluctuations, as well as the resulting changes in the sealing gap. In these conditions, spiral-wound gaskets produce very safe seals.

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