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Self-adhesive flange protectors (DEHA BLASTect)

DEHA BLASTect consists of a high-quality rubber equipped with a special, pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, which makes it easy to remove the masking rubber without leaving any adhesive residue. DEHA BLASTect was developed to protect flange surfaces or other treated surfaces during (sand)blasting and coating processes, transport and storage.

DEHA BLASTect is available on a roll, per square meter, or as die-cut parts cut to size.

We can produce all flange types in all DIN and ANSI dimensions. For valve interior blasting applications, it is possible to make a hole in the masking rubbers, which protects the flange surface during the blasting, coating and transport process. Odd sizes and/or shapes are also possible.

Special cut parts
Our knowledge and experience in machining flat materials ensures that we can help you with all your special cutting needs, such as engraving logos or other shapes and working with various colours. For an idea of what we can do, here is a list of some of our products.

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